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           The SampleWash™ drill cutting cleaner is an automated rental unit for use in field locations or a laboratory setting. It is primarily used by geologists to clean samples for lithological description and mineral determination.


      Drill cuttings typically arrive for evaluation in differing conditions depending on the experience of the drilling crew. They contain mud additives, cavings, and other contaminants that must be sieved, washed, and dried before detailed description and mineral testing take place. Because of the differing mud systems encountered and the need for a consistent safe method of preparation SampleWash™ was created.


      The SampleWash™ is a self contained tabletop sieve, wash, and dry unit that is small, quiet, and water efficient. By using computer controlled valves coupled with the washing action of the design, it is possible to be sieving (or washing) in one chamber and washing and drying in the other providing two samples.  The SampleWash™ provides a safe spill free compact alternative to hand sieving, cooking, vacuuming, or using a heat gun to dry your sample.


      The only requirements to run the SampleWash™ are a 120v power source, hot water, cleaning solution or soap, and a drain for the sieved material and mud wash. The dimensions of the device are:  L22" x W10" x H15".


       Included with the SampleWash™  is everything you need including four sample/sieve baskets, sink adapters, water inlet hose, and drain hose. Also available is a 100psi recirculation system where cleaning solution can be filtered and recirculated.

SamplewashCleanedSample Image2 DSC_0364