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Table top automated sieve, wash, and dry station.


      The SampleWash™ geological drill cutting cleaner is an automated sieving, washing, and drying device that will save you time and water.


    The unique cleaning process and basket chambers produce a superior sample for microscopic description and testing. Use the pre-programmed  settings or alter the wash and dry cycle to best fit your sample.      


    There is no longer a need to stand at the sink washing samples and getting covered with invert and other chemicals. The SampleWash™ sieves one sample while another is washing and drying in the spin chamber. Water delivery is electronically controlled so you can prepare samples on timed cycles in an enclosed environment.

 Sieve Baskets


    SampleWash™ sieve baskets are designed for use with our unit. The caged design provides the support and balance needed to attain drying speeds of up to 3000RPM.

Sample Washer

Are you up for it?

SAmple Washer Sample Washer DSC_0110b

Programmable HMI


The SampleWash™ HMI allows the user to save their settings. Sample run time, RPM, rotational direction, acceleration,  and deceleration can be programmed.



Filter and re-use your cleaning solution with the on demand 100psi pumping system. The recirculation container capacity is 41 litres (11 gallons).